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Laser cleaning machine pre-sale service

Provide professional technical consulting services

Provide free proofing service

Provide customized solutions

Provide professional technical consulting services

Provide free proofing service

Provide customized solutions

Support customer live demo trial

Welcome to receive inspections at any time, only need to make an appointment in advance, customers can visit the site in person and guide the work.

Be honest and trustworthy, strictly enforce contract terms, and ensure timely delivery of products and services;
High standards and strict requirements, and practice the quality concept of “aerospace products must be excellent products”.

Laser cleaning machine after-sales service
Professional team

rofessional after-sales service team, built immediately after the equipment leaves the factory
Establish a “Customer Profile Card” to track and record the customer’s use of the equipment
Related Information.

Quick response

Free replacement parts and services during the warranty period, and
After receiving the buyer’s fault information, respond within 2 hours,
The maintenance personnel solve the maintenance problem within 48 hours.

Lifetime maintenance

Lifetime maintenance
Provide life-long maintenance services for the products provided, and at any time
Provide equipment-related daily consultation and guidance.

Plenty of accessories

Sufficient spare parts and accessories can be provided to the buyer in time
Provide technical services and spare parts services to meet equipment maintenance needs

Regular return visit

Regularly (3-6 months) arrange project engineers to the buyer’s site for free technical return visits and inspection services.

Technology Exchange

The seller holds the buyer’s technology and market exchange meeting every year to enhance the exchange of experience among the majority of buyers and introduce the seller’s latest technological development in the field of laser applications to the buyer.

Customer training
Customer training is an important part of the market service system. In addition to full technical exchanges with customers in the early stage, Keslon usually conducts complete technical training for customers during acceptance.
Professional team

What forms of training are provided for customers?
There are three training methods, customers can choose
1) On-site training
2) Remote guidance
3) Mail correspondence.

What to train for customers?
After the normal operation and acceptance of the equipment, our personnel are responsible for providing you with unrestricted maintenance and operation training on the project site. The purpose of training is to enable all operators to master:
1) Explain the main performance, structure and principle of the equipment;
2) Explain the safety protection knowledge and precautions of laser;
3) Training the sequence of switching on and off, daily maintenance and the elimination of simple faults;
4) Replacement methods and precautions for conventional optical components and wearing parts;
5) Training on the use of laser cleaning software and various related drawing software, as well as processing parameters and methods.
Our personnel will take centralized training and one-on-one training according to the time of using your personnel to ensure that the users have the above-mentioned capabilities.

Where is the training location?
Customers can choose the training location by themselves
1) Customers come to the company for training;
2) Training engineers go to the customer’s location for training.

Laser cleaning application
Stains Oil/Grease
Mold Clean
Powder Coat
Heritage Restoration
Composite Ceramics
Organic Corrosion

and much more………

Laser Surface Cleaning and Structuring

Laser cleaning provides a valuable tool in a number of manufacturing applications that require surface or coatings removal. From Rust / paint stripping to aluminium-silicon coating removal, lasers cleaners provide a cost-effective and controlled alternative to conventional processes.  Extremely efficient for Rust and Paint or food grease removal plus many more..

Clean On-Site

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