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SC200 Suitcase Portable Laser Cleaner
  • Powerful Portable Laser cleaners
  • Laser cleaners SC200
  • Power Boosted extra 20%
  • Rust and NDT Cleaning
  • Indoor accessibility and height access
  • Handheld portability
SC200-SC300 200W-300WLaser cleaner
  • Smallest 200w Laser Cleaners
  • Power Boosted extra 20%
  • No pollution, or noise
  • No consumables or media required
  • Portability and Air Cooled
  • Rust and Paint Descaling
HG500-HG1000 500W-1000W Laser cleaner
  • New generation Technology
  • Aircraft and Automotive Restoration
  • Powerful super fast cleaning
  • Heavy Industrial Laser Cleaners
  • Paint Descaler and Corrosion Removal
  • Handheld Lasers and Water Cooled
Industrial automatic laser cleaner
  • New generation Technology
  • Large area automatic laser cleaning in factories and production lines
  • Powerful super fast cleaning
  • Heavy Industrial Laser Cleaners
  • Paint Descaler and Corrosion Removal
  • Industrial automatic laser cleaning
Industry Application
Mold industry
  • Tire mold laser cleaning
  • Chip mold laser cleaning
  • Food mold laser cleaning
Rail transit industry
  • Rail laser cleaning
  • Laser cleaning of train parts
  • Laser cleaning and maintenance of railway station facilities
rust removal, paint removal, oil removal, oxide removal
  • Laser descaling
  • Laser paint removal
  • Laser oil removal
Ship building industry
  • Ship laser derusting
  • Laser cleaning of ship parts
  • Laser cleaning before and after welding on ships
Printing industry application
  • Anilox rollers and sleeves, nickel or chromium-plated rollers, various cylindrical rollers, gravure printing rollers, copper polishing rollers, flexographic printing rollers, photocopying rollers.
Welding cleaning
  • Cleaning before and after welding
Aviation industry
  • Laser cleaning of aircraft parts
Pretreatment of paint and coating before application
  • Remove the oxide layer, rust and scale of metal parts before painting.

Company Introduction

laser cleaning machine

laser cleaner

Wuhan keslon Technology Co., Ltd.—The leader of laser cleaners.

Wuhan keslon Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company led by a team of famous professors from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

keslon focuses on the development and production of laser cleaning technology. And has mastered advanced laser cleaning technology with intellectual property rights.

keslon has been committed to the development and manufacture of high-quality laser cleaning machines.After more than ten years of development, we already have a complete laser cleaning technology research and development, production, manufacturing and after-sales team.we have 4 series of laser cleaning machines. Backpack laser cleaning machine series, medium power laser cleaning machine series , high power laser cleaning series, automatic laser cleaning series.

keslon has extensive experience in the laser cleaning industry and Provide customers with complete laser cleaning solutions.

The first in the industry to pass the ISO 9001 quality certification and CE safety certification.

Provide leading, high-quality products and technical services, involving airlines, shipping, railways, automobiles and many industries.

Latest News
CITIC Heavy Industry Laser Derusting Project Completed

CITIC Heavy Industry Laser Derusting Project Completed

  On December 16, 2020, the KSL-SC200J laser cleaning machine from Keslon was successfully accepted in the CITIC Heavy Industries workshop. The customer is very satisfied with the laser rust removal effect and the laser rust removal speed! The KSL-SC200J laser cleaning machine can quickly clean the rust, dirt, paint…

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Laser cleaning removes metal, black and non-ferrous lubricants, providing high quality, smooth and void-free soldering and brazing, and provides visible solder for optimum stability and quality. It is suitable for cleaning steel and aluminum surfaces. It is used as a pretreatment for the welding surface of the automotive industry, precision…

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Laser cleaning technology gently removes and removes sandstone, marble, granite, clay and concrete from concrete without physical damage or damage to the building’s surface. The laser can finely clean the surface of the colored or pigmented surface to remove accumulated smoke and unsightly dirt and restore the original beauty. Extremely…

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KSL-SC100I Laser Cleaner

KSL-SC100I laser cleaner

Keslon new generation backpack laser cleaner machine KSL-SC100I KSL-SC100I uses IPG100W MOPA laser with strong laser power, and the cleaning efficiency is twice the cleaning speed of the same level laser. The KSL-SC100I weighs 20kg and is convenient to carry. It can be operated at high altitudes and in narrow…

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