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Leaders in Laser-Cleaners manufacturersInternational Enterprise Center, Optics Valley, China +86 13296538853(Skype / WhatsApp)
SC-50-100w Laser cleaners
  • Powerful Portable Laser cleaners available
  • Laser cleaners SC-60-100
  • Power Boosted extra 20%
  • Rust and NDT Cleaning
  • Indoor accessibility and height access
  • Handheld portability
SC-120-200w Laser cleaners
  • Smallest 200w Laser Cleaners
  • Power Boosted extra 20%
  • No pollution, or noise
  • No consumables or media required
  • Portability and Air Cooled
  • Rust and Paint Descaling
HG-500-2000w Laser cleaners
  • New generation Technology
  • Aircraft and Automotive Restoration
  • Powerful super fast cleaning
  • Heavy Industrial Laser Cleaners
  • Paint Descaler and Corrosion Removal
  • Handheld Lasers and Water Cooled

Laser cleaning machine, Laser descaling machine